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    Bright Young Chefs

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    Bright Young Chefs

    123 Kessel Street, Fairland, Randburg 2030, Gauteng, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

    083 352 5559
    083 352 5559
    General info
    1. Fine Motor Skills: They get to develop their fine motor skill which is the control over the small movements of the hands and fingers, as well as the small muscles of the face and mouth (tongue) and feet. However, the focus is usually on developing the skills of the small muscles in the hands. Tasks such as holding a spoon, mixing, beating, shaking, pouring, rolling or cutting will help to develop your child’s fine motor skills.

    2. Mathematics: Your child will gain experience in counting and recognising numbers when measuring.

    3. Reading: They get to read and follow the method of a recipe. They also expand their vocabulary as they learn the names of the ingredients and equipment needed.

    4. Communication/Team work: Children can learn to share and how to take turns. Then when the cooking/baking is over, they enjoy eating together and socialising.

    5. Science: when cooking or baking we expose the Children to mini experiments e.g. liquid cake batter turns into a solid.

    6. General Knowledge: They learn about different foods and their origins e.g Pizza comes from Italy.

    7. Senses: We encourage your child to look, smell, feel, and taste different ingredients. They use the ears to listen by following the instruction.


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